New Vehicle Reveal: The Cherrier Vivace Today we proudly present our next vehicle, the Cherrier Vivace! This is a 2020 model year compact hatchback, built on a very flexible modern platform, offering vehicles with a wide range of options. FWD and AWD powertrains are available, with gasoline, diesel, or electric power. And of course, there will be lots of parts to combine and play with! To present the different stages of the design process, we would like to hand over to some of the members of our Vehicle Design Team that have spent several months working on this newest addition to the vehicle family:   Deciding on the Visual Direction Hello, Alexandr here!   Discussing the next vehicle needed for the game, we came to the conclusion that this car should represent a very popular segment of the current automobile market.This car has to fill missing content in several niches that we have right now:   Modern Compact Electric   It became clear that we should develop a modern hatch including an electric configuration to utilize electric system, implemented with the 0.16 update.   Originally the car was to be a Hirochi, but we decided to create a new French brand, allowing us to use some more interesting design solutions. After figuring out the basics of the future car, I started to develop the design. I wanted to find a unique design that would still be recognizable as a French product with a little bit of that quirkiness that French cars always have. Continue Reading
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